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As a customer of College Loan Express, you can be approved for 12 Easy Monthly Installments of $194.79 with No Hidden Fees and No Long-Term Debt!

Tuition Lock Box

An innovative and efficient savings account program designed for students and parents that want to save for tuition and educational costs. Students or parents open a lock box to make deposits directly. Students can also take advantage of the Tuition Lock Box "Crowd Sourcing" feature. How? By sending an invite to their friends and family to contribute to their educational goal.

Credit Climber

Good credit is a must in almost everything we do today, from getting an apartment to applying for a credit card or even finding a job. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for young people to start establishing credit without first committing to high interest loans that can lead to long-term debt. Credit Climber is designed to help anyone establish positive credit. How? Through a monthly enrollment report attached to the student's credit file, which is submitted to Equifax Credit. 

Monthly Rewards

With CLX you earn $100 in Reward Dollars every month that you can use in over 500,000 ways. Your rewards never expire and accrue month to month. Use them in over 500,000 different ways like local deals, restaurants, stores, your favorite brands, hotels, movie theaters, entertainment options and more. With so many ways to save, there's something for everyone! Use your rewards 24/7 on campus, in town, or while traveling.

Equifax Credit Monitoring

College Loan Express automatically gives you Silver Package credit monitoring powered by Equifax, including $25,000 of fraud protection. While the Credit Climber feature helps students build credit, this feature will help you make sure that existing credit (like that of the co-signer) stays good and secure. 

Money Matters

College Loan Express helps ensure that students manage their finances from admission to graduation. Our joint goal is to strive and create good habits lasting long after graduation. College Loan Express provides immediate benefits to our students and families with financial knowledge and practical money management tips. 

Paycheck Pays

College Loan Express offers an innovative optional way to pay your monthly loan installment with a direct deposit through your employer’s direct deposit program (paperwork for employer provided). Equal amounts every pay period can be applied towards your loan so when the monthly installment is due, you have the peace of mind knowing your monthly bill has been paid.


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